In life we have opportunities which come into our lives and we can either say Yes or No – we have one chance to be FIRST, one chance to say YES to be first so why would you say No? I decided that this year was the year to say YES – how about you?

Have you been letting opportunities pass you by all your life, waiting for the right moment or the right time and then suddenly you look in the mirror at your reflection and your reflection speaks to you? You realise you don’t even recognise yourself simply because you haven’t embraced any moments for yourself or made any moments count? Or you may even see a few extra lines, a few extra aging spots and realise that you keep saying the same thing and are putting off until tomorrow what could be your now!!

I know I had a rude awakening as this has been the story of my life more or less at least!! Awaiting for the perfect time or the perfect opportunity. Well I decided no more. I needed to make EVERY MOMENT COUNT no more waiting until the right time, the right moment, I needed to create that moment now and simply say YES and make today count and embrace the opportunities available to me now! It is up to each of us to make the most of every moment and to make it count. Ultimately we are the ones who create the perfect moment and turn every moment into counting for something whether it was perfect timing or not. More often than not there is no real perfect moment but we can create that moment ourselves.

I have met woman upon woman who have stated “I don’t know anyone” or “I have no friends” and yes I can relate to that – when you move to a new area women are often the last to settle in and feel at home. Real Women with Real Stories connect – make every moment count – it has taken me six years to embrace this moment and do something to help each and every woman to connect. So today is my moment of truth to say YES to that which is on my heart – YOU!

Make today count and say YES to this moment and put yourself out there as we are waiting for you – make new connections join our FaceBook group – you never know where it will lead or who you might meet. https://www.facebook.com/groups/realwomenrealstories/

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Challenge #1 – Join FB Group Connections today & introduce yourself – https://www.facebook.com/groups/realwomenrealstories/

Challenge #2 – Start your story with pen & paper – it makes all the difference and it’s easier than you think

Challenge #3 – Post a photo of you and your writing into: “connections – real women with real stories”


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Think Big – Act Bigger

2B Whole believes you are born with a purpose for a purpose. Our desire is to encourage and lead others into their purpose, a purpose which is far greater than the mind can imagine! 2B Whole values uncovering Real Women with Real Stories and linking arms in support of one another. 2B Whole is about building transparency across the “sisterhood of women” enabling real connections to form through the sharing of real life stories, making women feel beautifully whole! We were born to connect – connect with ourselves | connect with our purpose | connect with others #bereal #beraw #justbe #2bwhole #bewomen #betransparent #beembraced #lifestylist #townsvillewomen

2B Whole has a range of offerings from life changing skincare to gorgeous jewellery to career/life styling. We run multiple business opportunities that share the same vision. Connecting women to their higher purpose and each other. We’d love to support you in building and creating the life you desire, through our lifestyle opportunities. Combined with creating connections and offering business, career life stylist sessions to support your journey.
So it’s time to take care of you saddle up, spoil yourself and be beautiful because you are. As we get real your beauty will shine even more with clear direction, gorgeous bling and amazing skin care. Love what you do and Do what you Love

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I am Jen Ironside I’m a highly experienced professional business trainer and career coach. Offering opportunities to change your life or simply do life differently and better with more joy. Want to expand your life make the most of the here and now and never miss an opportunity again? I love to work with a diverse range of female clients.

Whether it’s thoughts, time, effort, fear, money or technology ~ you can now eliminate the roadblocks, there will be no holding you back. Specialising in creating your personalised Action Plan.

As your LifeStylist we will partner together with you bringing you resources for improved lifestyle choices.
Promoting positive lifestyle habits and practices and inspire you to explore ways you can live the life that you love.
…Love what you do … Do what you Love..

Where – You can meet-up with #LifeStylist – Jen:

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What’s most important is that together we develop a plan that gets you connected and closer to your life, career and business goals.

What – Style & Beauty Sessions | Coaching Sessions | Personalised Action Plan Session | Business Plan | Resume | Cover Letters | Interview Skills

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Embrace Life ~ Embrace Freedom #embraceeveryopportunity

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Write For Fun

Today I find myself sitting beside the Sea @ the first session of Seaside Writers with a group of ladies and one man (don’t forget the man) – a group designed to  support help and