Today I find myself sitting beside the Sea @ the first session of Seaside Writers with a group of ladies and one man (don’t forget the man) – a group designed to  support help and encourage us to write – write for fun , write blogs, write to unleash the inner you, write for our business. There is most certainly is a story to how I arrived here but maybe I’ll tell you more about that later!

One reason I find myself here, sitting in the shade with the cool breeze listening to the ocean waves, is that on the practical level I have a website which requires some text, some words and stories to describe who I am, what I’m about, what my business is about, and ultimately why this site exists!! And sometimes that’s not easy to answer!!….

As I started today, for some reason I felt overwhelmed with EMOTION – wooowah! Where on earth did that come from?  I ask myself, what is this emotion about? And where is it coming from? The thought that comes is how alone I feel at times, Whilst I wouldn’t say “I’m lonely” I certainly feel alone.

  • Alone in my business
  • Alone in my family
  • Alone in my relationships
  • Alone in my network
  • Alone in a crowded room

In life we don’t set out to be alone and I’m certainly not what you would call a loner or lonely. (and yes if you are wondering there is a difference.)

I never fully realised until right at this very moment in time that this underlying feeling was present lurking in the shadows. I must say though that since putting pen to paper (yes literally this was originally written pen to paper) that the alone feeling, whilst it may lurk in the shadows, the emotion doesn’t have a hold over me now!

Can anyone out there resonate with this? Am I alone in this feeling and thought process as well? I think not at least I certainly don’t believe that I am. In fact I strongly believe that I’m not and that many of you reading this totally relate.

Sometimes we can never fully understand the why and where our triggers have come from. Acknowledging though the feeling and emotions associated with feeling alone out loud can be scary. I know many would have their opinions and most would say about me – don’t see how? I don’t understand why? Why would she feel that way? In fact some would say it is silly, even stupid, some would scoff and say get a handle on that. Others might even say it’s just in your imagination, you have a choice not to be alone!! You’ve gotta love others judgment. But often times the fear of others opinions is what will keep these shadows clouding over us.

Know what they could actually be right!! But what if they are not?

Sometimes you just need to stop and acknowledge what might be going on under the surface before you can move forward!

In the past six weeks odd since having a dramatic change in my life, I have met so many women who have said to me – I don’t know anyone or I have no friends and they’ve unashamedly shaken their heads and shrugged their shoulders about it. I truly have been amazed at how to acknowledge my feelings of being alone. I wonder to myself how must they feel, what is going on lurking in their shadows. Why is it so? How can I reach out? How can I help? How can I be a friend to these women?

Sometimes we have unconsciously chosen to be alone due to the circumstances of life and where our journey has taken us. We are often conditioned by the things that have happened to us and we block and mask what’s truly going on.

Most people feel differently though once they have had meaningful interactions and been heard. So ladies it’s time to take off the mask.

Unveil those emotions and feelings that are lurking in the darkness and shadows binding you into a negative place – take off the mask and speak the truth and as you do you will take the power back and live again. No longer overshadowed by negative emotions as you now have the power over them yourself!

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As you take off your mask or recall a shadow you’ve dealt with – Send me your thoughts or personal story as I’m sure your story will give courage to another. Email